Why Photography? Why Essex?

I have always been interested in Photography to some degree, I remember my Grandad's old camera, all wind up and dark rooms for printing. Those were the days. My interest in Photography was forced to pick up when I finished school and began looking at colleges. I needed to choose 3 subjects to study, and I didn't want to over do it with written subjects (Like ICT hehe), non digital photography was a strong contender for the subject that 'wasn't going to make my life hard'. Don't get me wrong, I had always loved design and creating things, but photography wasn't quite the same as programming and designing a website.

After much deliberation, and learning that my girlfriend had chosen photography as one of her subjects, I took the plunge and enrolled in it (as well as ICT and Business Studies; my plan was to one day set up a photographic company using the skills I had learned in Business Studies, and be able to create and maintain my own website using the skills I learned in ICT, and look, here we are!). Anyway, I signed up for college and started an easy ride to a grade A.

I don't think I could have been further from the truth about the course being easy, it was full of studying old photographers who had more than likely passed on from this mortal coil, and all they left behind was a series of sleepless, research filled nights for me. During all the research and essay writing, we got the opportunity to take a few photographs, being a bit of a newbie when it came to apertures and ISOs I was forced to pretend I knew what I was doing pretty much the whole way through college. The essays got poorer and the research got worse. I just didn't feel it was relevant to my ability to take good photographs, I mean the first guy we studied didn't even take photographs!

After scraping my way through college and an 8 hour exam, I left it alone for a little while, I figured I'd had enough. I played my Xbox 360 and wasted my weekends, doing a minimal amount of design work when I got the opportunity.

Its no secret that I'm a lover of gadgets, expensive gadgets that enforce the fact that you know what you're doing (or lie about it). So my first digital single lens reflex camera was a Canon 400D, and at the time of writing, im still using it. It was a birthday present, one that I wanted, and because of this I felt compelled to go out and get creative.

Essex is my home county, so most of the images featured on the website will be from around the area, if not, London, as they are pretty much next to eachother, and London is a much more interesting place!

Not too long ago I found an online community that shared my enthusiasm for photography, the guys over at Photography On The Net, Canon Forums. have been no end of help. They hold regular(ish) meetings all over the country and I've met some amazing characters on some of the trips, one to mention is Elliott Langmead, although many of the guys (andgals) on the forum are always happy to help, Elliott has helped an awful lot!

I hope you enjoy looking at my gallery and if you have any questions, comments or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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