Photo Essex Gallery.

big_ben_night_long_exposure A shot taken in London whilst out shooting with some of the crowd from POTN. This was maybe my second time experimenting with long exposures, this is around 20-30 seconds open time. blean_wood_backlit_leaf Another trip with the POTN lot allowed me to get a little more 'foresty' as there aren't many leaves in my area. I could have taken this shot in my back garden! group_sun_sihlouette

I asked 4 of my friends to pose whilst I captured their sihlouette's.

camden_badges Taken in Camden Market, with my beloved Sigma 30mm 1.4! london_night_scene_barge A long exposure of a London Landscape. london_night_scene A slightly warmer long exposure of a London Landscape. millenium_eye_london_night_long_exposure An experiment with long exposures and 'painting with light'. Amazing stuff!
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